Do You Have a Personal Injury Case? Ask a Personal Injury Law Firm

Determining if you have a personal injury claim starts with contacting a personal injury firm. When you have been injured through the neglect of others you need a personal injury attorney that can provide the information you need.

Many people make the mistake of thinking they do not have a personal injury claim when they do. An accident law firm Ocala FL victims have used has helped them to figure out their personal injury claim status.

The Three Factors of Personal Law

Many people make the mistake of thinking that if they have been involved in a car accident, slip and fall accident or even a medical negligence situation that personal injury compensation is automatic. Establishing a personal injury case relies heavily on these three factors:

  • The other party involved in the accident was careless or negligent. For example, a distracted driver rear-ended your car while you were at a stoplight which caused a back injury.
  • The carelessness or negligence, caused the injury. For example, when the driver rear-ended your car it caused whiplash to your neck and a lower back injury. Another example is you are shopping at a store, there is water on the floor without a warning sign and you slip and break your arm.
  • The resulting injury has caused you harm. In other words, because of your back injury in the above examples, you lost wages from work, amassed medical bills, and have had to deal with pain and suffering.

When you meet with an attorney that specializes in personal injury at the personal injury law firm they will go over your case to assess the validity of your claim. A quick case review by an experienced attorney can help to determine if you have a case or not.

Even serious personal injury needs to meet the criteria of a personal injury claim to receive compensation for the injury. For example, a traumatic brain injury caused by a slip and fall accident (slip and fall accidents are responsible for the majority of TBI) you still have to be able to meet the criteria of what a personal injury claim is.

A personal injury firm is a must if you have been injured and want to get the compensation that you deserve.

Protect Your Rights

In Florida there is a statute of limitations when it comes to how long you have to file an injury claim. That means if you do not get your claim filed in a timely manner you may lose the right to file a claim. Moving quickly is important. A personal injury firm is a solution to getting your claim filed quickly.

Make sure you do not lose your right to compensation. Contact a trusted personal injury law firm for a case review and get your claim started.

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