Taking A Closer Look At Divorce In The United States

Getting married is hugely common all throughout the United States, but so too is ultimately getting divorced, with up to half of all couples ultimately seeking to end their marriage (and no fewer than 40% of them, at the very least). All throughout the entirety of the country, divorce rates are high, meaning that many a couple is seeking the aide of a law office specializing in just that. Hiring a divorce lawyer to handle your divorce case is very much a good idea, and is something that should not be underestimated in terms of overall importance in any given divorce process.

There are a number of risk factors that can preclude the desire to get a divorce. For one thing, the number of marriages you have had impact whether or not you will get a divorce greatly. First marriages are at the lowest level of risk for divorce, and even for them the risk is still quite high. In fact, it has even been found that up to one fifth of all first marriages will end within the first five years of being married. And by the time that people come up to the 20 year mark after their wedding date, more than 45% of all marriages will have ended. The more and more frequently you get married, the more and more likely you are to seek subsequent divorces.

Other risk factors very much play a role in many a divorce as well, as anyone working as a divorce attorney in any given law office can attest to quite well. For instance, use of substances can very much factor into divorce, especially if there are substance abuse issues. In addition to this, even just the fact of one partner smoking while the other does not can increase divorce risks by a truly incredible amount. And working certain jobs can also increase the chances that your marriage will ultimately end, as too can simply just growing apart.

Of course, infidelity is another leading cause in the dissolution of marriages. When it is discovered that a partner has been unfaithful, many people will simply decide to get a divorce right then and there. Others will seek out counseling but even then, the continued success of the marriage is not guaranteed. Even after counseling for such matters, divorce is still not uncommon in the long run. Once infidelity has occurred, even couples that choose to stick things out and to try and make them work find that their risk of divorce is so much higher than couples who have not faced issues such as infidelity.

Fortunately, there is legal aid that can be sought to make the process of getting a divorce so much easier than what it would otherwise be. Finding a law office that specializes in divorce is really and truly the first step that should be pursued, and fortunately, such a law office is likely to be readily found in your area, thanks to the demand that such a law office has accrued. At such a law office, you’ll be able to find divorce lawyer services, which can help to make the process of divorce as smooth as it can possibly be.

If you are divorcing and have a minor child or multiple minor children, it is likely that you will want to find a law office that employs family law attorney services as well. After all, minor children can make the process of divorcing much more complicated, as matters of child custody will need to be decided upon. Figuring out child custody will become all the easier with the help of a lawyer specializing in such matters and therefore, you’ll want to find a law office where seeking out such services is possible.

At the end of the day, there is no denying that getting a divorce is a hugely difficult thing indeed. Fortunately, there are resources that one can take advantage of – and should take advantage of, for that matter. Seeking the aide of lawyers working through a law office specializing in divorce cases is a must for many a divorcing couple, as it is all too easy for the divorce process to get messy..

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